Frequently Asked Questions

What is Training by Talla?
Training by Talla is a Slack App that trains users to be even more productive on Slack. Training by Talla surfaces little-known features that Slack has built in to help optimize your workflows. By sending you an easily-digestible tip each day for 20 days, you’ll be working better and faster before you know it.

Installation and Access

What happens when I click the “Add to Slack” button?
You will be asked by Slack to authorize Training by Talla to join your Slack team. It will appear as a new bot user, and will send you a direct message as soon as installation is complete. Training by Talla will only be able to post messages and view message activity in channels it is invited to. By adding Training by Talla to Slack, you are agreeing to our terms of service.

How does Training by Talla work?
Once you’ve installed Training by Talla, you will get a direct message each afternoon from the bot with a course on shortcuts and tricks in Slack that help you get the most out of the platform’s features. If you’d like to be trained on the best Slack Apps and Integrations, you can opt-in right after install during the onboarding process, or, any time by just saying “help” in Slack.

Can anyone on my team use Training by Talla?
Sure! Anyone on your team can send Training by Talla a direct message to start receiving tips.

How do I share Training by Talla with the rest of my team?
We suggest you drop a message in one of your team’s public channels letting your fellow employees know about the new bot. Like any tool that’s used collaboratively, it’s great when everyone knows about all Slack has to offer.

Does Training by Talla work in channels?
Currently, Training by Talla only sends tips to users through direct messages. If you do add it to a channel, it will simply introduce itself, and let anyone know who’s interested in getting tips themselves, to direct message the bot.


What is your privacy policy?
You can view our privacy policy here.
And, here is a link to our Terms of Use.

How do we protect your information?
The Talla team takes your privacy and security of your data very seriously. We understand that conversation data is highly personal and can contain sensitive information. We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of the data we collected from you slack channel. We use a secure server and store all data in a secure private database. Communication between Talla and Slack is encrypted using SSL. For more details check here.

What do we do with the Information we collect and receive?
This includes content in channels starting from the time that Talla is invited to the channel. Talla does not access past or archived messages. Messages directly to sent to Talla will be collected. Also public channel names as well as all user names in order to give your participants name in summary. Talla does not collect any personal information about users.

Do we monetize on your data?
No. We will not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer your information to outside parties without your explicit permission. Information collected on Talla will be used to provide better service to our users. For example, the data may be used in one or more of the following ways: (1) to personalize summary for you, (2) to improve our internal system, (3) to improve our service, (4) to produce aggregate, non-personally identifiable information.

Usage Help

How do I use Training by Talla in Slack?
If Training by Talla is already installed at your organization, just say hi in a direct message to the bot. Then, opt-in to receiving messages from Training by Talla by clicking the ‘Get Started’ button. Training by Talla will then send you a new productivity tip each day. You don’t need to take any additional actions to get your tips.

How often do I get a message from Training by Talla?
It depends which Training by Talla courses you are taking. For each class, you will get one message per weekday. The Slack App and Integration course arrives at 10am in your local time each day. The Slack Platform Training arrives at 1pm in your local time zone each day.

Will I get messages from Training by Talla on the weekend?
No. Training by Talla only sends you tips Monday-Friday.

How many tips will Training by Talla send me?
Each Training by Talla course is a different length, and is specified when you start the course. The Slack Platform Training is a month long, and the Slack App and Integration Course is two weeks long. We’ve got more training courses in development, so even if you’ve completed both, more will be available to you soon.

How can I unsubscribe from Training by Talla’s messages?
Training by Talla courses can be paused by simply saying ‘stop’ ‘cancel’ or ‘unsubscribe’ and selecting which class(es) they’d like stopped.

More questions?
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