Slack Training by Talla

Master Slack and supercharge your productivity with daily tips from Talla.

Discover advanced features, shortcuts, and commands

Each day, Talla will teach you a new skill for using Slack more effectively -- from introducing you to undiscovered features to unveiling keyboard shortcuts and commands. You’ll be able to get to what you want, quicker. No more searching through menus or clicking through different screens. Your coworkers will be saying, “Hey, how did you do that?” in no time.


Get tips for being a more effective communicator on Slack

Formatting your Slack messages effectively can be the difference between having your message read the first time and having to repeat it 10x. Talla will take you through tips for formatting your messages, keeping conversations on topic, and sharing information effectively. You might even learn a thing or two to up your emoji game.


Learn how to set up Slack to improve your productivity

Slack’s App Store has some amazing apps and integrations. But frankly, with so many to choose from, deciding which to add to your account can feel overwhelming. Learn how to turn your Slack into a command center of information and automation with Training Bot’s lessons on the essential apps for everyone. Your whole team will be working smarter in no time.